This page collects some information about and pictures of my academic ancestry, as well as the non-trivial overlap between my genetic and mathematical ancestries.

This information was made/collected/visualized primarily using:

  1. The Mathematics Genealogy Project, the primary source for data on who did their Ph.D. where, and with whom.
  2. Geneagrapher. Created by David Alber, Geneagrapher is an outstanding command line tool for automatically grabbing ancestry data from the MGP and saving it in the GraphViz format (.dot).
  3. GraphViz. Open source, easy to use (but hard to customize) software to create visualizations of the data downloaded with Geneagrapher.
  4. Gephi. A remarkable open source graph visualization program. Takes some playing with, but makes gorgeous pictures.

Data specific to me:

  1. Academic Brothers and Sisters via Bela Bollobas, my PhD supervisor.
  2. Students of my grandfather, Donald "Beh" Bushaw.

Graphical Views ({Ancestors}+{Bollobas decendents}):

  1. Academic Family Tree, viewed as a family tree [pdf].
  2. Academic Family Tree, circular visualization [png].
  3. Academic Family Tree, different circular visualization [pdf].
  4. Academic Family Tree, different circular visualization [png].
  5. Academic Family Tree, force repulsion visualization [pdf].
  6. Academic Family Tree, Fruchterman-Rheingold visualization [png].
  7. Academic Family Tree, radial axis visualization [png].
  8. Academic Family Tree, random node placement visualization [png].
  9. Academic Family Tree, more different circular visualization [png].
  10. Academic Family Tree, Yifan-Hu proportional multilevel visualization [png].